The Digital Matrix Book



"Venkat Venkatraman has created an essential new model for digital business strategy in the age of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence – at once simple, pragmatic and quietly groundbreaking. Although written for incumbents in traditional industries, The Digital Matrix will, I believe, prove invaluable for all leaders, whether of established institutions or born-on-the-cloud startups. It is nothing less than a roadmap for the next era of business transformation."

- GINNI ROMETTY  Chairman, President and CEO, IBM

"Digitization is a global trend and there are no safe sanctuaries in which to shelter outmoded business models’: This timely book makes that unconditional caution chillingly real.  Happily, it also reveals how, by harnessing the new technology and shaping your business strategy round it, you can not only survive but prosper."


"For any CXO executive, this book is a must-read. Professor Venkatraman brilliantly describes a practical step-by-step guide on how to transform a legacy company into a digital enterprise. An essential survival guide for today’s evolving digital economy."

- ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ  Senior VP and CIO, Quintiles

"All industries and companies are experiencing digitization, at varying speeds and intensity. The good news is that the toolsets are advancing,  allowing traditional players to participate in a way they haven’t been able to before. The Digital Matrix presents an invaluable framework to help leaders master these shifts and win in their space."


"No firm, no industry and no market is immune from the transformative forces that disrupt the practices of the past, and we may have no better guide through these forces than Professor Venkatraman. No enterprise leader should be without this useful guide."

- BENN KONSYNSKI  PhD, Professor, Emory University

"The Digital Matrix is a wake-up call for any business intersecting with the digital world. Healthcare leaders need to heed this call and consider how they must lead in the increasingly digital world."

- CHRIS NEWELL  Psy.D, Director, Learning and Development, Boston Children’s Hospital

"Venkat’s book is super helpful to all of us working to drive change in an increasingly digital world."

- MIKE WRIGHT  Global CIO, McKinsey & Company

"The Digital Matrix harnesses digitization powerfully and succinctly through a conceptual framework and real business examples. Professor Venkatraman has produced an extremely readable and insightful book."

- MICHAEL S. SCOTT MORTON  Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

"Venkat Venkatraman enthralls with a sense of urgency and offers a practical and composed approach to assess threats and devise winning and competitive strategies."

- DON BULMER  VP, Gartner, Former VP, Shell, SAP

"The Digital Matrix is a relevant and powerful framework that can take your company to the level it needs to be in order to succeed in today and tomorrows market. Venkat has woven in relevant consumer and industrial examples that make this a great read. His innovative matrix is a solid way for executives, change agents and innovators to frame their future - and you'll use it right away"

- KYLE REISSNER, former GE Marketing Director -
Proficy Software & currently Rockwell Automation's IA Mobility Platform Leader

"Understanding these insights is essential if we are to clearly see the challenges and opportunities created by the digital revolution. Venkat Venkatraman challenges our conventional thinking and encourages us to become transformational leaders in our own fields of endeavour."

- MIKE LAWSON  Professor Emeritus, Boston University Questrom School of Business

"Venkatraman is a brilliant thought leader in the area of digital business strategy. This book will definitely turbo-charge your digital future!"

- Omar El Sawy  Chaired Professor, USC Marshall School of Business

"The Digital Matrix is not just another descriptive or speculative account about future technologies and their predicted impacts — it is the definitive guide to becoming a proactive player in the new digitally-meditated economy. This book will survive the passage of time."

- BEN M. BANSAOU  Professor, INSEAD, Fontainebleau

"No silver bullets, no killer apps. Instead, Venkatraman provides a brilliant exposition on the perfect storm of digital technologies that will severely test the leaders of every organization, and a framework for analysis and action to help us survive and thrive in the coming decade."

- BRINLEY N. PLATTS  Chairman, CIO Development

"This is an important and timely book. With deep familiarity, clear examples and nuance, Professor Venkatraman offers a much-needed, sophisticated roadmap for incumbent firms to leverage digitization and thereby prosper in our new competitive era."

- MEL HORWITCH  University Professor and Former Dean, CEU Business Administration

"The Digital Matrix is a brilliant window into digital strategy, with practical insights that blend academic theory and the practice of management in a way that only Venkatraman can deliver."

- JOHN C. HENDERSON  Professor Emeritus, Boston University Questrom School of Business

"This book contains invaluable insights and should be required reading for executives to step beyond their industry boundaries. I can't wait to apply these ideas in practice."

- GEORGES EDOURAD DIAS  Co-founder and CSO, Quantstreams, Former CDO, L’Oreal Paris

"This book is definitely the best I have read dealing with the digital challenges and how to address them."

- JO GUEGAN, Strategic IT Advisor, Former CTO and EVP of
Canal + Group, Former SVP, Capgemini Consulting

"Venkatraman perfectly blends academic and consultant into one clear roadmap for leading change, enabling leaders to act immediately after putting the book down."

- STEVE NEWMAN  Former Director, Executive Programs at Ericsson

"A refreshing read from a scholar who has been at the forefront of strategy and digital technology for over two decades."

- RANJAY GULATI  Professor, Harvard Business School, Author, Reorganize for Resilience

"To Venkatraman, Facebook and Tesla are not traditional companies bound by product boundaries or SIC codes; they adapt digital tools to solve problems. This book gives you a strategy roadmap to stand alongside such problem solvers, to anticipate their next move, to compete against them. Without it, you risk being wiped out by them."

BHASKAR CHAKRAVORTI  Senior Associate Dean, International Business & Finance,
The Fletcher School at Tufts University, author, The Slow Pace of Fast Change

"The Digital Matrix offers compelling insight into why traditional organizations should embrace digitization and stay vigilant to the signals at the periphery."

- MAHESH AMALEAN  Chair, Co-founder, MAS Holdings

"The Digital Matrix provides a framework for participation, learning, and building relationships across all phases of transformation. No longer just in the realm of innovation, the practical application of this framework needs to be an active and present part of corporate planning processes."

- JIM CIRIELLO  AVP, IT Planning & Innovation, Merck

"The Digital Matrix captures the different challenges and opportunities of pursuing a disruptive digital strategy for a traditional business. All leaders must be aware of how digital can transform their organization if they want to thrive in this new era."

- TIM THERIAULT  Former Global CIO, Walgreens Boots Alliance,
Former President of Corporate and Institutional Services, Northern Trust

"The Digital Matrix should be read as a clarion call to executives and board members. And for a new wave of leaders, this book should be a go-to guide."

- RICK CHAVEZ  Partner, Digital Practice, Oliver Wyman


"This book is a powerful guide to the most important change to management of the last century—the digital transformation of every organization. It offers a practical vision of what it will take not only to adapt to the networked society, but to lead it. An enlightening book and a terrific read!"

- RICHARD LEIDER  Bestselling author, The Power of Purpose